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We want you!  Help push this job forward by becoming a Training Partner today.  National Fire Radio Training Partners is our newest endeavor in providing accurate and efficient information to the fire service.  Working in collaboration with our Training Partners, NFR will publish and distribute articles written by firefighters that promote growth within the fire service.  In conjunction with the traditional written copy, NFR will also record your article on a dedicated audio platform so that our community can listen to your article instead of just reading it.  Furthermore, after each reading, the author will have time to discuss the article with an NFR personality on the audio platform.  This back and forth will really drive home the talking points as well as the audience getting to know the author.

National Fire Radio has developed a recognized name in the fire service by capturing the attention of firefighters on the channels of delivery within todays’ society.  As a current approach to educating the fire service, National Fire Radio Training Partners is an innovative way of distributing training information by credible authors who are looking to share their knowledge and experience.  We want credible, sound information that can stands up to the highest standards of the fire service.  Innovation coupled with traditional values is what National Fire Radio Training Partners is all about.  Therefore, if you have something to share, we have the platform to share it on.  Become a Training Partner today!


Authors – Submission

Articles are preferably around 1000-1500 words.  The intent is to be narrow on all submitted material so that there is a specific focus about the topic.  Each article will require a minimum of one (1) photo or video.  These accompanying media file(s) will be used to drive social media awareness about the article and the author.  Therefore, the more media files supplied with the copy can be used for multiple social media posts.  These articles can focus on any issue that influences strategy and tactics as well as historical, cultural and/or leadership concepts.  Since these are short form articles, be specific to the material and message you want to convey.  Understand that with each written article, there will be an audio recording and interview with the author to deep dive in on the articles focus.  Therefore, your talking points in the after article interview should be sound and specific as well.

As a partnership, we will publish your articles but the articles remain your property.  We are a platform that promotes the fire service by recognizing the hard work and dedication of those willing to share their knowledge and experience.  We are proud to share your work on our content channels but we firmly believe that this information shall remain your property.  In an age of personal branding and self-promotion, it would only be fair to allow our Partners the ability to share their own content as well.  Any information cited within your article that is not yours must be credited and recognized accordingly.  Please indicate in the copy where the source should be credited.  Furthermore, any photos used must include the name and contact information for the photographer.  Photos cannot be used if the source of the photo is not credited and validated.  Please include in the article where the corresponding photos belong so that when published on the website, the format is in sync with your copy.

Lastly, please supply a photo and bio of yourself.  Each published author will have a space on the website so that our community can seek out authors they enjoy learning from.  The intent of the audio platform is for each author to show their personality through their words and conversation.  The more an author publishes content on the National Fire Radio Training Partners channel, the more the NFR community will get to know them.  This will help in building awareness about yourself, the training company you represent or anything specific you want to get across.

All submissions are to be emailed to  Furthermore, any questions or inquires can be forwarded to the same email address.  Each submission will be acknowledged and reviewed prior to publishing.  All submitted content will be subject to content and editing review.  Upon approval, the author will be notified and a time and date will be scheduled for the after article conversation.  The audio episodes including the article read will be no longer than 30 minutes.

Article Narration

Each article that is approved and scheduled for release will require to be read for the audio platform.  National Fire Radio is seeking firefighters who can provide voice over / narration services for the audio channel.  We are looking for individuals who have a presence and style about how they convey the reading and as well as having the ability to connect with the NFR audience.  Interested parties must have their own recording equipment and can provide clear audio narration for the platform.  If you are interested in becoming a voice of the National Fire Radio Training Partners platform, please send an email to and list your name, contact information and your location.

Thank you for becoming a trusted Partner of National Fire Radio.