Training, Events & Conferences

Each firefighter has the obligation to continue their training as they progress through their careers.  Whether career or volunteer, education is the foundation for bettering ourselves and ultimately, the mission.  Therefore, National Fire Radio has launched our Conference, Training and Events Page as a one stop location for finding opportunities near you.  Search based on location or key words and you can find an event that is exactly what you’re starving for.  

We all are responsible for pushing each other to be better.  The National Fire Radio Conference, Training and Events Page is designed to do just that.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and find a class or event that will help you be better today!    

Hosting an Event?  Click HERE to register your event for FREE.  Let National Fire Radio list your event so that firefighters seeking knowledge and experience can find your specific conference.  Fill out the form, add the link and we’ll be happy to share the information. 

Submit An Event

If you’re holding a conference or training event, submit it to the National Fire Radio conference calendar here.