We tell the stories of the Fire Service.

National Fire Radio was created with one mission in mind, Preserving the Tradition and Culture of the Fire Service.  Since its’ inception, NFR has grown into a social media and podcast distribution network that has earned the trust of firefighters across the country.  Providing a platform for influencing and content distribution has set NFR apart for the competition.  The core mission and values of NFR has remained steadfast but the speed and scalability of our network allows for real time distribution of educational content and product information to the fire service community.

A platform built by firefighters, for firefighters.

From creative to execution, all of our projects are created with the firefighter in mind.


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We tell the stories the fire service wants to hear.

What we do

Social media amplification and branded content to show an increase in brand awareness, interest, leads, and ultimately conversions for your product or services.

Brand Awareness & Amplification 

Leverage the National Fire Radio social media platform and 150,000+ engaged followers in our community to get your message out.

Visual & Brand Storytelling

Tailor-made photo and video content produced in partnership with your team. Your audience connects with our style and approach.

Podcast & Events

Bolt-on to our podcast with 90,000+ downloads per month or work with NFR to start your own.

Custom Projects

Create awareness and conversations that convert with custom marketing projects that suit your needs and your customer.

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