The Size Up by National Fire Radio

The Size Up by National Fire Radio is a Lifestyle podcast hosted by Robert “Pip” Piparo.  Pip has been involved in the Emergency Services for close to 30 years. Over that time he has learned how much your lifestyle off the job, can correlate directly to your ability to do the job. 

Episodes of The Size Up by National Fire Radio will focus on that. Those different factors that you can control, so you are prepared when the time comes that you aren’t in control. Pip’s guests will come from a variety of fields and have an expertise on topics not normally dove into on the National Fire Radio platform. 

So sit back, relax, throw in your earbuds and ask yourself, What’s my personal  Size Up? 

About Pip

Robert “Pip” Piparo is a Captain with the City of New Brunswick Fire Department in New Jersey and the Director of 555 Fitness , a firefighter operated not for profit, that began with the  mission  to reduce line of duty deaths within the fire service. 555 Fitness has grown to  provide motivation and free workouts to Emergency Responders around the globe.  555  awards fitness equipment grants to fire, police, and EMS  departments through their Strength is Our Foundation Grant Program.

Pip’s role with 555 Fitness has given him a vast amount of experience when it comes to motivating and assisting Emergency Responders in regards to several different topics. Pip has both career and volunteer Fire and EMS experience, which includes working as a NREMT-P, dispatcher and instructor.